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Finding the perfect place

Kasteel Fruithof 

• Boechout

Kasteel Fruithof is a beautiful castle in the middle of a green scenery located in Boechout. The castle used to belong to Platin Moretus. The saying 'Labore et Constantia' is still painted on the fireplace mantle. This very characteristic venue is available for all sorts of events: From weddings to business meetings. Contact us for a visit!


The market

Antwerp •

The Market is a very modern, top-notch event venue in the centre of Antwerp. 
This old fishmine transformed into a technological hotspot. During the day the offices are available to rent, during the evenings in the week and in the weekend this place could be all yours for you (business)event! Let's connect for a visit!

the marble hall

• zoo of Antwerp

This very royal hall is located in the historical wing of the Elisabeth Centre of Antwerp. The massive marble columns  support the wooden ceiling. This venue is very unique as it provides entrance to the world-known Zoo of Antwerp. Let's celebrate your event in the Marble Hall with fantastic food, one-of-a-kind atmosphere and fairytale-like walks in the Zoo at night!

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Salons de Limpens


This old notary owned by the family Walraevens was transformed into a large festivity hall with big gardens and private parking in the centre of Herentals. This hidden pearl is mostly known with the older generations, but very unknown with the younger. 

The atmosphere is very home-worthy. You'll feel surrounded with loads of charm! 
Want to visit the great Salons? Feel free to shoot us a message!

Art center hugo voeten  

• herentals

This Art Center is located near the Canal in Herentals. This used to be an old corn warehouse but was quite recently transformed into a museum filled with mostly Bulgarian art. The high ceilings on the ground flour deliver an enormous feeling of space, while the 'penthouse' with its roof-terraces give a great feeling of freedom. Feeling artsy? Let's get in touch

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