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Meet Sander

Entrepreneur, Teamleader and ADAMANT owner


Hello! I am Sander. 
I started ADAMANT in 2018 with the idea of starting my own event​bureau. 
As I started to develop, I understood that a lot of companies are looking for experts to support their business. Soon I turned the business idea around and started to integrate in other people's businesses in order to grow together. 

Now I am working with a lot of Antwerp companies on a daily and weekly basis. I support events on-floor, in preparation, sales, after-care and developing.

Tasks such as guiding staff, taking care of guests, general management and optimizing the flow is a small peek-view of what I can do. 

Besides this core-business, I really enjoy working on creative ideas to upgrade several different aspects of an event. Styling, decorations, flowers, themes, flow, .... 

Determing the DNA of your event and providing the according actions to reach that DNA. 

Me and the team have created this loving work-atmosphere where personal growth and creativity are always the base of the cooperating together. 

I am always looking for new opportunities to gain more experience without forgetting who the customer is. 

If you need any help boosting your company, talk to me or anyone of the team . We will get back to you with a very interesting offer!

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If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life

- Steve Jobs

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